Alex Pardee x Charlie Sheen – “Winning” [Art]

Being outraged/fascinated by Charlie Sheen is quickly reaching it’s sell-by date, but this is a piece of news worth writing about. Inspired by the god Carlos Estevez, Alex Pardee has produced this limited edition Giclee Print–on Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.–as 17″ x 22″ ($10) or 8″ x 10″ ($25) pieces now on sale. If you buy any print from the webstore, you’ll also be entered to win the original drawing (seen in picture below) of Tiger Charlie. This is the opposite of losing.

So, Charlie Sheen is all hopped up on an 8-ball of uncut Charlie Sheen and his tiger-blood seems to be pumping so angrily that he has gone a little MAD!

Well guess what?! I love a little friendly competition between warlocks, so I decided to go a little crazy too!!

In addition to stirring up a bloody (and 100% accurate) little homage to the only thing that has been able to unite us and distract us from Libya, Wisconsin & Egypt, I am also GIVING AWAY THE HUGE-ISH ORIGINAL DRAWING that I created for this print FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE! In honor of WINNING!!!


one last video…

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