Dope “Apollo Kids” Review (from Michael Walsh @ The Boston Phoenix)


Co-signed. If you don’t have this disc yet, then I’m not sure what you’re thinking…

Here we’re accorded 40 minutes of relentless spit assuring us that the Legendary Ghost Deini is, in fact, not dead — a necessary statement following 2009’s middling venture into full-on Rap&B. Sure, his more sensual offerings can be a welcome respite amid the unflinching tales of project lore. But an entire album’s worth of slow jams? Teddy Pendergrass he is not. Mercifully absent are the Raheem DeVaughn features and sexy-time talk, replaced with contributions from like-minded gutter lyricists and “whores with no drawers ready to do all four of us.”


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  1. Thor Says:

    This is a great album, one of Ghost’s best in a while. I’ve been listening to it repeatedly for about 2 weeks now. He deserves another gold eagle for his other wrist for this one. Liquid Swords 2 is on the way soon, 2011 is going to be a Wu year!

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