“this is d real list with real playaz…”


Every now and then when I check the message filter to see who we’re censoring and who’s getting through, I’ll find a few comments about our temporarily-closed-for-re-modeling 100 Greatest Rappers of All-Time series. While this is an exercise that’s currently on pause, it’s hilarious to see jerkoffs come through with their own know-nothing lists.

This one below is pretty hilarious – namely in how he has groups listed, in how Coolio made the cut, and how these are clearly the only 20 hip-hop acts he’s ever heard of. Nonetheless, the kid was arrogant enough to throw his 20 cents in the tip jar. According to shithead, “this is d real list with real playaz”…

1 Tupac shakur
2 Big Daddy Kane
3 Warren -G
4 Snoop Dogg
5 Rakim
6 Eminem
7 Nas
8 N.W.A
9 Public Enemy
10 Biggie
11 Immortal technique
12 T.I
13 The Roots
14 Wu Tan Clan
15 Talib Kweli
16 Coolio
17 Jay Z
18 Nate Dogg
19 Brother Ali
20 Bone Thugs n Harmony

P.S. – I know you’re going to leave your own lists anyway, but please don’t.

They’re probably fucking awful.

9 Responses to ““this is d real list with real playaz…””

  1. mr.murph Says:

    1 krs-one
    2 kool g rap
    3 nas
    4 rakim
    5 biggie
    6 big pun
    7 pharoe monch
    8 big daddy kane
    9 grand puba
    10 redman

  2. Marty McFly Says:

    the definitive best rappers of all time list

  3. jkfgt Says:

    1. Big L
    2. Doesn’t matter

  4. astrosspace Says:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ probably the only post/blog of yours I would ever co sign.

  5. rob reiley Says:

    1. Louis Logic
    2. Hot Karl
    3. K the I????

  6. HxC Says:

    I canada believe Nate Dogg waz not higher

  7. mr.murph Says:

    kthei??? thats my peoples

  8. tom cruise Says:

    RZA should be on that list as well.Bong Bong!

  9. schnitz Says:

    anyone else smelling troll?

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