What If The Tea Party Was Black?

5 Responses to “What If The Tea Party Was Black?”

  1. mr.murph Says:

    black people know obama’s the white mans puppet. he’s just white enough for the white ruling class to trust and he’s just black enough for black people to think he’s lookin out for them. good racket the govt got going especially with the opiate war in afganistan. fuckin drug dealing crooked govt.

  2. tom cruise Says:

    If America wanted a real black man for President, they would have elected Wesley Snipes.

  3. dan Says:

    @mr. murph, dude, get serious. Obama’s the white man’s puppet? I guess that explains why the overwhelmingly white Tea Party hates him so much…right? You need to stop listening to poorly sourced conspiracy theories; history is occasionally banal and boring. If you have a better solution for how this country should be run, put your money where your mouth is and run for office.

  4. schnitz Says:

    lol as if the peoples vote matters, its all controlled then the electoral college handles biz, no one gives a shit about the people

  5. mr.murph Says:

    @dan wow it sounds like you really believe what you see in the news. bet you didn’t know n.korea declared war against the usa the same day michael jackson died. you were too busy moonwalking to smooth criminal in your college dorm.

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