Jaysaun Steps Out On His Own

Saturday, July 31st, 2010


“I never thought that people wanted to hear just me like that, but as my career developed, it turned out that they did,” says Jaysaun. We’re talking at his plush new BNB Studio in Brockton. “I’m always loyal to a fault — if the fucking ship is sinking, I’ll drown on the boat. Even if people saw me as a leader with the Kreators, I never saw myself like that. To me, I was just a cog in the ship, and as the ship started falling apart, I had to get in the driver’s seat. That’s plagued me, but now I’ve learned that you have to do some things on your own.”

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Jaysaun rocks Jerky’s in Providence this Sunday and Church in Boston August 6

Theo Martins – Power (Produced by Party Supplies)

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

The Providence native, Theo Martins, raps over half of Party Supplies’ dance remix of Kanye West’s most recent single, “Power.”

Revolutionizing JTTS one post at a time.

DOWNLOAD: Theo Martins – Power (Produced by Party Supplies)

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New N.B.S. Video for “Ill Lyrical” (track produced by Stu Bangas)

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

If you’re not fucking with Natural Born Spitters, then you’re celibate. This ain’t rap & bullshit.

Get it together folks. Once again – just like last weekthis is how you make a real rap video.

FREE Amadeus the Stampede Disc Download

Saturday, July 31st, 2010


Amadeus is one of those cats who releases more mixtapes and albums that I can keep up with. In the past year alone he dropped like three discs – including a group project with Zombie Death Squad – and he tells me that he has like three more in the can. If you don’t know Amadeus, his shit is tough as hell with a slight Wu-Tang edge for sure. This is one of his first discs – recorded something like seven years ago. ‘Bout to give it a whirl myself…

Download Silent Screams and Dry Tears for FREE Here

New Gangrene (Alchemist + Oh No) Single + Track List

Saturday, July 31st, 2010


I’m loving this shit. The sound, the texture, the sheer bravado. Album should be dope. Pretty sure I saw these two together at SXSW but was too drunk to write down a single sentence in my notebook. Good times.

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LISTEN: Gangrene (Alchemist + Oh No) – Chain Swinging

Gutter Water Track List Below. Album Drops on 10/12/2010

1. Intro
2. Boss Shit  (Cuts by DJ Romes)
3. Not High Enough
4. Gutter Water ft. Raekwon
5. Get Into Some Gangster Shit ft. Planet Asia
6. Take Drugs
7. Chain Swinging (Cuts by DJ Romes)
8. Wassup Wassup ft. Fashawn and Evidence
9. All Bad (Cuts by DJ Romes)
10. Breathing Down Yo Neck ft. MED
11. From Another Orbit ft. Roc C
12. Ransom
13. Standing In The Shadows
14. Brass Knuckle Rap ft. Guilty Simpson
15. Not Leaving ft. Big Twins

1982 Coming Soon | New Statik Selektah + Termanology + Xzibit + Cassidy

Friday, July 30th, 2010


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LISTEN: Statik Selektah & Termanology featuring Xzibit & Cassidy – Goin Back

Plus – New Video from Term & Ea$y Money

Fuck Ron Paul. This Is How It’s Done, Son. Queens Represent Represent.

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Rakaa – “Crown of Thorns” | 3.5/4 Stars

Friday, July 30th, 2010


And suddenly it dawned on me: if rappers didn’t hastily release every track they record, there would be a lot fewer shitty hip-hop discs and a lot more crown victories like Rakaa’s solo debut. The components here could have been used as a dozen bangers on that many mixtapes, or as a concentrated cauldron of vast conceptual abilities, but the always reliable and often slept-on West Coast stalwart prudently chose the latter.

I feel the pain of anyone who might be saying, “I always liked Dilated Peoples, but I can’t see myself getting into a whole Rakaa project.” I had similar thoughts before diving into the dramatically strung-out “Observatory” with Mad Lion, and feel-good Babu beat stabs like “C.T.D.” A couple of dud throwbacks briefly interrupt, but otherwise Rakaa has painted the sort of edgeless canvas that even the most eclectic acts are scared to make these days.

In a thoughtfully sequenced hour, our protagonist finds love, loses it, builds his ego, bruises it, meets hip-hop, and influences it. Team player that he is, Rakaa also taps some brethren for production and posse cuts, but for lack of the appropriate metaphor, Crown of Thorns is his cross to bear.

Because Wite Asked So Nicely…

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

…And because Cymarshall Law is fucking dope, and I’ve definitely been sleeping on him.

Hey Wite – I know this kind of ruins the joke, but I’ve been loving your comments. Straight cracking up over here…

…Almost as funny as the time I used mayonnaise to penetrate your girl’s roast beef.

Sam Adams Fans Still Mad At JTTS

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010


Every week or so, when I check the comments that for some reason get caught in the WordPress spam filter, there are at least two or three latent defenses of Sam Adams (who, as you’ll notice above, has moved on from beefing with lowly local hip-hop blogs). My guess is that his new fans get all worked up when they Google for topless pics and discover our Sam Adams Week posts. Anyway – here goes the King Kong of all craziness, from someone who calls them self Coast 2 Coast Kid. Just arrived this morning. Pretty remarkable stuff…

yo, for all u morons who think he sucks….wake up…for one the dudes educated sorry hes not a fuckin highschool drop out who grew up on crack THAT DOESNT MAKE RAP!!!! tupac was very educated and since then people have tried to duplicate him but they cant u cant get any more gangster than tupac, but hes dead now….gangster rap is out!!!! eminem is the last of the dying breed whos any bit of a legend, lil waynes a performer and if u even look at his music hes ventured all over the damn place from rock, to pop, to rap to everything!!!! and hes the most successful artist of our time…..times have changed and i respect the hell outta this guy, hes 22, a collegiate athlete, full time student, and great artist….thats hard as hell to do for all u fuckin idiots who didnt make it past their freshman yr of college before droppin out….being a collegiate athlete and juggling school is hard enough I WOULD KNOW I PLAY COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!! so for all u fuckin haters shut the FUCK UP!!! times changed fuck boiz!! you dont always gotta be from the hood, no ones gonna be another tupac or biggie so move the fuck on….this dudes talented, if he doesnt make it than so what he did the impossible or close to it by juggling all of those things which is what most rappers dont ever do, most rappers have a full time studio job with no school nuthin so they got all the free time they want…..this dude has to juggle school and sports AND he still kills it…..i respect him alot more than some fuckin thug, im 21, and im not a shit head either mr. TEDDY SERIOUS, so fuck you faggot obviously if u take the time to make a comment like that than ur all up in this kids music anyways haha thanx for helpin him out!!! fuckin idiot….that goes for all u faggots who hate on him to fuck off and stop being jealous the kid does it for fun chill the fuk out….funny how everyones a “rap know-it all” but u aint shit bitch ur behind ur computer prolly a highschool drop out urself….have fun dissin ppl cuz u couldnt make it… BYE BYEEEE!!!!!

Chris Faust – Looking Back ft. Outasight

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Chris Faust (Derek Fisher?) recently let loose a new track from his upcoming project, Faust, featuring your new favorite rapper/singer, Outasight. Faust may not be on Sammy’s level with the women, but here’s something to keep you occupied before the next post of a tiger with an axe pops up. *no shots*

DOWNLOAD: Chris Faust – Looking Back ft. Outasight

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Ricky Powell Shows You Bitches How To Make A Video

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Click Animosity Shows You Bitches How To Make A Video

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Check the latest from Mission Hill’s resident degenerate crew Click Animosity (Gage + Trust + Rheto). Dope rough track; as for the video – it just goes to show that all you really need is a camcorder and a few forties to make shit happen. Rheto’s been telling me for some time that he has projects coming, and it looks like this one is melting together quite nicely (or as nicely as possible for a group of misanthropic vagrants).