Kat Stacks: Rappers, Yellow Pages: Businesses

If you’ve ever wondered what a functionally retarded person acts like, watch the video below and wonder no longer! Some groupie named Kat Stacks went online and starting naming rappers who she’s fucked, the rappers got mad and accused her of lying, now she is announcing their phone numbers. Have you ever wanted to call Nelly, Rick Ross, or Tyga? Me neither, but at least it’s now a possibility; with love, anything is possible, even if it’s groupie love.

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    I’D HIT THAT!!!!-FUCK IT,…

  2. bbb Says:

    i wanna hatefuck the shit out of that bitch

  3. MizzFWA Says:

    I could only get about a minute into this. Her voice pisses me off.

  4. Gary Says:

    I just got off the phone w/ Nelly.
    He is uninterested in a sponsorship for Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages.

  5. knife Says:

    damn! none of those numbers work anymore…or ever worked.

  6. Chris Faraone Says:

    Piss that bitch off just a little more and she’ll start giving out social security numbers.

    Also – where’s the white college bitch with Asher Roth and Sam Adams’s digits? Now that would be some good parody.

  7. Bushes Says:

    bbb you’re fat

  8. DJ ON&ON Says:

    I’m the type of dummy that would wife that bitch. Love her.

  9. DJ ON&ON Says:

    This is an entry from her blog:

    First of all I would like to thank @IamSincere for water marking all my pictures, I wish I would of had done this from the start sense all the Websites & Bloggers are copying & pasting my pages to their website. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but some of you bloggers aren’t linking your stories back to my blog & that is against the law, I am represented by my lawyer Chris Reed so if I find any of you caught doing that you will be notified. Secondly I am NOT , I repeat I am NOT being managed by Tila Tequila so please stop sending me e-mails & tweets asking me, I will not be represented by a compulsive lier who cries wolf more 50 times & claims everybody is her babydaddy.

  10. DJ ON&ON Says:

    This is about her date with AARON CARTER – This chick is the BEST!

    Here’s the story
    We were following eachother on Twitter and I wrote him a Direct Message and he gave me his number & told me actually lives in Miami now. We spoke on the phone & his voice sounded just like I remembered 10 years ago, he was very weird though and very hyper I could tell he was under the influence of some kind of drug. I actually thought he was a crackhead at one point sense we made plans that day & he stood me up twice. He actually made up the most retarted excuse saying “My dog drowned in the ocean so I have to take her to the Vet”. How stupid do I look? I knew in the back of my head that Another Girl has to do with all this random excuses. I was actually pretty mad sense I spent 2 hours doing my make up & hair in the bathroom & then finding out I will be staying home for the night. The next day I called him around 10pm So we spoke & made plans to come over right away. As soon as I walked in the lobby I saw him sitting down with his white dog Guccie that I saw ealrier in his Twit Pics, he looked nothing like he did back then. He was tall & very bony with red pimples, he actually looked like a crackhead & my attraction to him soon wore off. He tried to hug me & I kinda pushed back, then I followed him to his condo. It was small & kinda empty but a beautiful view in the Balcony. As soon as I walked in I asked for Hennessy, I needed some liquor to get me through this date because I was ready to go home plus I was stressed out because my Babys father was at home with packed bags threating to leave me. So Aaron took me to an Empty Restaurant called Morgans, he was actually a Gentelman, he opened doors for me and sat closely next to me. He asked me if I wanted Lobster & I told him no I wasn’t hungry but I needed some Hennessy. So we drank shot after shot, I don’t remember how many but I knew it was enough to make feel tipsy all the way live, I was actually acting a fool & talking alot of crap. But I didn’t care sense I wasn’t attracted to him there’s no sense to act Classy & try to seem like a Normal Girl. When we left we actually got in an argument which I don’t remember why and then I told him I was leaving & he said fine leave & went back upstairs. Then somehow he got called back down & he got me. I was pretty wasted & some how ended up taking a shower & ended up butt naked on his bed. I knew he wasn’t packing nothing when I saw him pull out the “Trojan” wrapper AKA the little dick condom. I actually faked & screamed. He was very boring & doing Missionary most of the time, then I had to get on top & ride him hard & deep which wasn’t a problem sense it was small like the Average White Trick i’ve had all my life. He was easy to handle, I was drunk & had to show him my sucking dick skills. I sucked him off good & licked his nut sacks like there was no tomorrow, but after almost 2 hours I relized no matter what I did he was never going to cum. I actually tried everything, and got pissed off cause that’s how men act after they fuck a girl. So I exposed him & he admitted having a girl around yesterday & all day today. I got super dry & told him I wasn’t going to keep going. He kept telling me how I got some really,really good ass pussy & he can’t believe he can’t cum he also told me he can’t cum with a condom on but I denied his offer. I even got on his twitter page & put that I was his new girlfriend & everybody went nuts talking about how trashy & disgusting I was. So he deleted it & said I was just a friend, so me being drunk I confronted him about it & he said it’s for markerting. BULLSHIT. We had a long drunk conversation after sex & kept making out. My babydaddy kept texting me bullshit so it was time for me to go. I told him I had to leave, so I got dressed. He walked me downstairs & kept making out with me & told me that I better not have a man cause he aint putting up with that bullshit so I told him I don’t, He gave me money before I got in the cab.

  11. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Here’s another one:

    1st Scarr: The first time I cut my wrist was when my babys father gave me the worst beating of my life. My babys father had an alcohol problem & use to come home every night drunk and bash my face in, so I met another nice man who always picked up Prince broken pieces. After staying out one night I decided to come back home, I remember entering the room sat next to him on the bed, Next thing I know he striked me on the face with multiple blows, I curled up in a ball screaming “Daddy NO!” he grabbed a fist full of my hair& put my face in the air and started punching me & then threw on my ground. I crawled in the closet & he picked up one of my stripper heels & started banging me on my body with it. When he stopped I ran on top of the bed & he came back with a empty liquor bottle telling me to take off my brand new acrylic nails that he bought, so I did as I was told which hurted & I almost took off my own nail. Then he hit me on the head with the bottle told me if I dont cut my self he was gonna kill me. So I cut my wrists & he made me sit in the corner with my arms out making jokes laughing with his friend Primetime.

  12. ill_problemo Says:

    where do you think she works?

    retail? bank teller? car wash?

  13. schnitz Says:

    …Micky Deez

  14. tom cruise Says:

    I’m ready to cut my wrists after reading all of that, fuck. Aaron Carter is a meth/ritalin head, maybe he went to coke if he’s living down in Miami but he’s was out in Cali for a while and that shit (meth) is rampant out there.

  15. BIG D O Says:

    this is the representation of so many wayward young females out there man….what a terrible personality and silly disposition…

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