J the S- Change

J the S goes in with a different kinda track…what y’all think?

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J the S x Franco- Change

8 Responses to “J the S- Change”

  1. Root Says:

    Dope… different which is key.

  2. eli Says:

    This track is serious!

  3. Skilly Bone Says:

    This track is fire, I like the throwback remake steez.

  4. Bushes Says:

    thats ALMOST as cool as those jail house tattoos he has.. ALMOST, but not quite……

    ps dude SUCKS

  5. Eli Says:

    Nice song. J The S is doing his thing.

  6. Fire Starter Says:

    I don’t know what this bushes is talking bout… J the S has been holding down the Bean for a minute. This track is straight crack if you ask me.

  7. Jpeseh Says:

    Jake the fake is such a clown. SOng is awful and kid tries to hard

  8. Eli Says:

    I love all the crazy comments kids leave on here. I would like to see any of these kids say these same things to the rappers’ faces. Where is the kid who is always going at the guys who run this site?

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