Proper Response To Engagement Acceptance As Demonstrated By Hilary Duff

15 Responses to “Proper Response To Engagement Acceptance As Demonstrated By Hilary Duff”

  1. DJ Myth Says:

    damn, good for him

  2. asrasr Says:

    what an ugly ass motherfucker

  3. rappaduuu Says:

    I doubt you look any better.

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  5. Emerson Witner Says:

    People are making a big deal about this when the only big thing is is that they didn’t close the curtain. Who gives a flying smurf?

  6. MizzFWA Says:

    What a waste

  7. Bushes Says:

    trees gossips more than a fuckin girl

  8. tom cruise Says:

    I call bullshit on this. Although Hillary Duff should be glad anyone wants to marry her at this point, I mean what has she done lately? This is where Miley Cyrus will be in 5 years. Hopefully it will be my dick she’s sucking!

  9. Mr.NiceGuy Says:

    Good shit. I’d take head from Hilary any day, actually I’d love to get my dick sucked period!

  10. Jak Says:

    lol wow hilary duff is so good

  11. dice Says:

    Ya good at swolling gooooo

  12. MaxxiE Says:

    damn… this guys face sucks like shit… how can she fall for such a dushbag? damn… really wasted…

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  14. Hghkogg Says:

    Wow classy NOT! She was so glad to get engaged what a dum ass whore! I’m guessin this ain’t the first blow job she’s givin ethier ! She looks pretty experenced! Lmao! And she got them big ass teeth put it haha does she take those out when she givin head?

  15. B.J. Says:

    Good for her. At least she’s not sitting on line writing hate… like most of you tools who couldn’t get a blow job if your life depended on it.

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