Video: The God Hova v. The Atheist Bill Maher

Jigga a/k/a Hova a/k/a Hov–though credited here as Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter–gets the Bill Maher treatment on his HBO show Real Time. A lot of the things discussed here are tired topics–hip-hop beef, mysoginistic rap lyrics–that have already been covered elsewhere. To me it’s just interesting to see how much those outside of contemporary hip-hop continue to swang on Jay’s bozack (“King of Pop: Michael Jackson. King of Hip-Hop…?” asks Maher in one of the more contrived exchanges) as if he’s continuing to revolutionize music. For the record, I like Jay’s music as much as the next self-righteous blogger, and I’ve always thought he’s been a smart, insightful dude, but despite all the hype surrounding Blueprint 3, you can’t tell me that he is progressing the culture in the way Maher and others believe he is. If rapping about how nice he is over a Kanye West beat is on some next-level shit, then Nas was right about hip-hop being dead. Speaking of which, where was Maher last year, when Nas released a fuck-the-status-quo album originally called “Nigger” on a major label run by Hov himself? Just saying…

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  1. The Lion Says:

    It seems like the mainstream media is FINALLY realizing that hip hop isn’t going away and that people who thrive in that community actually have something to say, so they’re giving rappers more opportunities to speak.

    Double edged sword as it may be (I remember there was plenty of shit talking on JTTS about Mos Def’s appearence on on Real Time), it’s good for people to see that a hip hop artist can speak coherent sentences and participate in civil discourse without dropping N and F bombs.

    This interview wasn’t too bad; it wasn’t nearly as ridiculous as Katie Couric trying to paint Lil Wayne as the next intelligent thug poet (a la Tupac) earlier this year.

  2. The Lion Says:


    While Bill missed out on the whole Nas vs Fox News fiasco, at least Colbert picked up the slack.

  3. mr.murph Says:

    I just dont understand how in the Bill Mahr video Jay-z(who by the way i always thought was somewhat overatted) claimed to be better than biggie & 2-pac. Can anyone name 1 album that Jay did that was better than Ready to die or Strictly 4 my niggaz. Reasonable doubt is probably Jigga’s best shit but it can’t fuck with either of the formentioned

  4. mr.murph Says:

    and another thing why does he act so pet on t.v.? I not hatin but even he was in the booth with guys on monday night footbal, he look mad scared. The average person might be a little nervous but your jay-z the greatest rapper of all-time according to you. Bill Mahr should have did the interview with Krs. Unfortunatly, kris aint as relevent to the brainwashed masses as jay is.

  5. Chris Faraone Says:

    I don’t know why Bill Maher bothers with dumb ass rappers like Jay-Z and Mos Def. Horrible look for hip-hop. Fuck Jesus.

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