JTTS Greatest Rappers of All-Time: #85-76 – Wu-Tang Clan

It’s been tough enough to keep this blog going – let alone regularly continue with recurring features like our 100 Greatest Rappers of All-Time list. But I’m determined to soldier on – and I thought this was the best way to gain quick momentum.

Truthfully, I wasn’t looking forward to assigning any or all of the Wu-Tang members positions on the list anyway. Even though our roster has no particular order, I’d obviously have to deal with the conundrum of whether or not to put, say, Ghostface ahead of Deck, or GZA in front of Masta Killa.

Of course, there’s an argument to be made that not all of them belong here. And I’ll sort of concede that. Still – I thought this would be the best option for effect and convenience. In addition to saluting a great force in hip-hop, we’re also now a quarter done with this massive undertaking.

Lastly, I won’t bore you to tears with vignettes and opinions on why Wu-Tang is the most important collective entity in contemporary hip-hop. That’s obviously how I feel – those of you who need proof can check the literally hundreds of articles that I’ve written on the Clan over the past decade (as well as the back installments of Wu-Tang Wednesdays here on JTTS).

On that note – even if you’re at work – throw a “W” in the sky like you mean it, and rhyme “Triumph” from beginning to end with your sword out. If you’re like me you perform said ritual every morning anyway, but let’s get another rip for this special occasion. Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Jump The Turnstyle. R.I.P. ODB.

5 Responses to “JTTS Greatest Rappers of All-Time: #85-76 – Wu-Tang Clan”

  1. Trees Says:

    I was hoping you would group them together.. and I’m glad you did. Although I still might write a Ghostface Tribute.. seeing as though he’s my probably favorite MC of all time..

  2. Josephine "The Perez Hilton of Hip Hop" Buttons Says:

    Where the hell is the new wutang wednesday post.

    No comments on this clown buttons recent behavior?

  3. ENIG MUE Says:

    “…and rhyme “Triumph” from beginning to end with your sword out.”


  4. astrosspace Says:

    haha did someone leave out cappa? im def not complaining.

  5. Nilton Says:


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