Audio: Drake x Lil Wayne x Kanye West x Eminem- Forever

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Depending on your steez, this could be either the face-melting collaboration of your (hopefully very short) lifetime, a sad referendum on the meaning of the words “swag” and/or “hot,” or somewhere in between. Taken from the soundtrack to More Than A Game, the LeBron docu-flick due in theaters this fall.

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DOWNLOAD: Drake x Kanye West x Lil Wayne x Eminem- Forever

Drake‘s voice < or > than Autotuned Gay Fish?

Download: The Greater Good- As Good As It Gets

Monday, August 31st, 2009


We threw up a couple joints from the new album last week, now here’s the completed project. Jacked from 2dopeboyz, but you get extra points for downloading Boston music from a Boston-based blog.


DOWNLOAD: The Greater Good- As Good As It Gets

Video: The God Hova v. The Atheist Bill Maher

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Jigga a/k/a Hova a/k/a Hov–though credited here as Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter–gets the Bill Maher treatment on his HBO show Real Time. A lot of the things discussed here are tired topics–hip-hop beef, mysoginistic rap lyrics–that have already been covered elsewhere. To me it’s just interesting to see how much those outside of contemporary hip-hop continue to swang on Jay’s bozack (“King of Pop: Michael Jackson. King of Hip-Hop…?” asks Maher in one of the more contrived exchanges) as if he’s continuing to revolutionize music. For the record, I like Jay’s music as much as the next self-righteous blogger, and I’ve always thought he’s been a smart, insightful dude, but despite all the hype surrounding Blueprint 3, you can’t tell me that he is progressing the culture in the way Maher and others believe he is. If rapping about how nice he is over a Kanye West beat is on some next-level shit, then Nas was right about hip-hop being dead. Speaking of which, where was Maher last year, when Nas released a fuck-the-status-quo album originally called “Nigger” on a major label run by Hov himself? Just saying…


New Golden Brown with Mighty Mystic – “Power”

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Where did I get that lovely mane you ask? Oh – it’s the first thing that came up in my Google picture search for Golden Brown. If you’re out there D-Money, NoDoz, and DJ On&On – I think we found your album cover.

This track is fucking murder. The beat reminds of some old DJ Spinna shit, Mighty Mystic rides on the damn hook, and NoDoz brings Ghostface-like aptitude. Needed this one tonight – listening to a lot of trash in my in-box.

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LISTEN: Golden Brown with Mighty Mystic – Power

Audio: Father Abraham- All My Friends are CFOs

Monday, August 31st, 2009

It was all good just a year ago…

In a few weeks (September 15), it will have been a year since Lehman Bros. declared bankruptcy, sending fuck-waves (new word, like?) through the country and the world that led us to where we are now: Obama as President, the government as the biggest stockholder in several major banks and car companies, and me left with newfound optimism that maybe a career as a broke hip-hop blogger is better than being one of those guys staring at dual monitors while your boss rapes you with a smile. To all the douche bag sons of limp dick Wall Street execs who went to my college who can’t find jobs fucking up other people’s money, I dedicate this track to you, courtesy of Father Abraham.

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DOWNLOAD: Father Abraham- All My Friends are CFOs

Hip-Hop Vid of the Summer: Bekay (with Masta Ace) – “Brooklyn Bridge”

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Fine – maybe I’m not qualified to judge what the best video of the summer may or may not be. It’s true that I haven’t habitually watched music television since Fab Five Freddy was in business.

But lately I’ve been getting back into the habit; tracks – after all – truly assume new identities when lenses get pointed at them. And for my money (which isn’t very much) this is the hottest snap I’ve seen since the cold front cleared. A summer jam, if you will.

In addition to quality production value, notice how there’s a legitimate BBQ going on. Too many budget videos are rushed these days; at least we know Bekay‘s people took the time to cook the burgers through. Also look for cameos; I spy Statik Selektah.

Slug and Murs return (this time alongside Aesop Rock) with another FELT

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

To be honest, I don’t have enough feelings either way about the FELT LPs to praise or shit on them. The first one (Christina Ricci) was better than the second (Lisa Bonet), but that fresh ass “Woman Tonight” joint was on the latter.

So I’ll throw this one to the wolves…is this something to give a fuck about? My vote is “yes” – if for no other reason than that Slug, Murs, and Aesop Rock (who replaces the Grouch and Ant on production this time) have some serious pressure on them lately and this could be a way for them to constructively unwind.

Oh – lastly – how could I forget? The object of their erections this time around: the very lovely, beautiful-titted Rosie Perez. Let’s hope these dudes put their mouths where their money is.

Kev Brown Resurfaces

Friday, August 28th, 2009

While digging through the used CDs section at Newbury Comics, I came across a gem: Raydar Ellis‘s Late Pass for $3.99. The only thing was it was still in its original packaging. That means that for whatever reason, the store is now selling a CD that used to go for at least ten bucks for a fraction of that price, seemingly for no other reason that they think it won’t sell for that much anymore. Just goes to show how quick artists can slide into anonymity (at least in the eyes of some record stores). It’s a reminder that a) there still isn’t any replacement for the satisfaction of digging through racks of CDs for a great find and b) we should continue to support dope music with dollars.

It also brought to mind another producer/rapper who’s just as criminally underrated and overlooked as Raydar: Kev Brown. When he dropped I Do What I Do a couple years ago, all indicators tipped Kev for lasting greatness. At his best–“Allways,” “Say Something,” the entire Brown Album of Jay-Z remixes–he mastered the understated touch of jazz and hip-hop that Dilla and Pete Rock turned into an art much better than more heralded producers like 9th Wonder or arguably even No ID. Lots of producers have come and gone as heirs to the throne left by those two, but Kev was one of the more legitimate contender in my eyes.

But since then, he’s been relatively quiet. He did release an album collaboration with rapper LMNO called Selective Hearing (which I haven’t heard) and he recorded a track that leaked last year with Busta Rhymes called “Packin Them Things,” which easily could have been one of the better tracks on Busta’s Back on my B.S. album released earlier this year had it been included in the final cut. At the moment there’s no indication that a proper sequel to I Do What I Do is on the way, but lo and behold, I found that he actually dropped an iTunes-only album at the end of July called Random Joints, which is a fitting description. I’ve only heard a few cuts, but the ones I have are buttery sweet grooves that carry on in the same vein as his first album (“The Hennessey Joint” most auspiciously). So for all the other heads who were wondering where Kev’s been at, peep the selections from Random Joints below. Hopefully it’s a sign of more to come; despite my thin pockets, I don’t want to find his next album in the discounted section a couple years after it dropped.

needs moar acid

Friday, August 28th, 2009

.   .



Celebrate Obama Day in Mission Hill With A Blue Ribbon Brizzzunch.

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Shameless self promotion,  it’s the American way.

$1.50 PBRs

For Those About To Rock Fitted Hats…

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Big news for cats who spend a significant portion of their paychecks on New Era gear. My old editor from The SourceSoren Baker – is heading up the hat company’s new free on-line mag, Your Lifestyle. Fitted.

As you might imagine – dude is hooked up across the board from his time at the steadily thinning magazine of hip-hop, music, culture, and politics. This is a solid first issue; I’m particularly feeling the heads up on new domes (pun intended) and the sweet interactive format.

Finally – and I’ve been meaning to relay this for a minute – New Era has this sick fucking feature with which you can design your own 59/50 down to the panel, brim, and logo. I’m sure I’ll never actually get one, but shit is fresh regardless.

TONIGHT – JumpTheTurnstyle Presents: Ca$h 4 Gold w/ DJs Ms. Thang, Just Joan & The Lovely Miss Michelle

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

@ the Milkyway in Jamaica Plain..

if you’ve missed the previous ones.. here’s what ur missing:


Need Menino To Fix Your Neighborhood? Sheeeeeet.. All You Need Is A Dead Senator And A Visit From Obama…

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Don’t get me wrong. I like Menino. I think he’s done a great job on installing bike paths, shipping the homeless and meth addicts to wherever Giuliani sent them (hell/prison?), and having some pretty damn sweet outdoor hip hop festivals.. I do fault him for a few things, for instance he’s done a horrific job on the transportation infastructure outside of downtown.. (The roads in JP and Allston might as well be a scale model of the lunar surface). But, gentrefication is more or less his fucking strong suit.

And yes.. it’s true.. I hate yuppies. I hate liberal pussies in JP with their fucking 10,000 bumper stickers and their dogs. I hate people that pay over $2.00 for a cup of fucking coffee. I hate buying a $5.99 quart of fucking organic lemonade from City Feed because the Tedeschi’s is sold out of the $1.99 Garelick Farms brand.. I hate being woken up every day because the two shithole apartments next to my shithole apartment are being converted into multi-million dollar condos.

But honestly, I would rather have Yuppies around than live in a shithole town/neighborhood. I like landscaped lawns. I like not having my car broken into. I like not having to stare at shitty graffiti and half peeled off “.357 Phinelia” and “Loose Notes” stickers. I like knowing that the homeless in my hood are courteous, down to earth hipsters who are secretly rich.

Anyway.. when gentrification happens, and I hate to admit this.. it means less ugly shit for me to have to deal with and more clean cut faggotry for me to simply ignore. I like not having to deal with the ramifications of criminal behavior or blight. And 99% of graffiti is wack. There I said it. Your little tags, your fucking throw-ups, your “fame”. Go fuck yourself. Unless you’re doing some Scribble Jam quality burner on my front porch you can die slow. Your hobby is more or less useless to my day to day existence. And yes, fuck me for freely admitting this on a “hip hop blog”. Maybe I’m being gentrified myself. Whatever.

So back to my o.g. point. I was driving through Mission Hill today and there is a shit storm happening there right now. If you’ve ever been to Mission Hill.. you know it’s a shithole. A beautiful shithole of shit. Well, Obama is going there on Saturday. Ted Kennedy’s funeral is going to be taking place and the Obamapacolypse is giving the eulogy.

Menino is not fucking around.

Sidewalks getting repaired, landscaping done seemingly overnight. Fresh coats of paint on buildings.. Fuck.. they are even painting the lightpoles and mailboxes.

So this is what it takes in 2009 for a neighborhood revitalization. Gone are the days of a booming housing market. You need Obama to praise a murdering, corrupt, rich, white dead Kennedy and two years worth of revitalization will go down over night.

I wonder how much the city is spending on this charade. Oh wait.. it’s probably just bailout money anyway.