S.H.I.T. Show #9


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13 Responses to “S.H.I.T. Show #9”

  1. sipper Says:

    Rob, glad to see u back on yer grizzly. Never forget who was there for u during that low point in yer life. U needed a little tuff love and u need to know it came from a good place in my heart. U mite be a huge fucking faggot but goddammit aren’t we all. Discussing rap and how it affects our lives, together, forever is our commitment to each other. Never stop faggiting around on tha innenent Rob, I know I won’t. Superrockindjonnon is tha truth son werdlyfe get it in go in. Muchluv, lil sippa

  2. bbb Says:

    fuck you trees

    i’m listening now. brb for comments.

  3. bbb Says:

    dj on n on i wish u liked me. trees thanks for callin on n on out for the budden bashing/unbashing. i love you guys i wish you loved me too. u r irreverant and funny. or so you claim since you never p0asted my ad. suck my cock. brb.

  4. knife Says:

    the slow-mo voice effects are hilarious!

  5. bbb Says:

    over-hyped / under-delivered. show lost steam.

  6. bbb Says:

    why are all of my comments awaiting moderation

  7. dr. leigh Says:

    “No, I think the pilgrims discovered Plymouth”

    *one of the best comments ever!*

    keep the effects going! that made the show like, 10 times better in my mind!

  8. bbb Says:

    i hate you guys

  9. Brash Says:

    good s.h.i.t

  10. TheDance Says:

    I know I haven’t been posting shit, but I’m working on another good story, it should be up shortly. Is your ex-girl’s new dude the guy who broke his dick? I think it is.

  11. Sleezy Trees Says:

    yes, and one of the last txts I sent her: “So you’re dating the dude who broke his dick jerking off in the shower, have fun with that”.

    her response:

    “He didn’t break it in the shower, he broke it fucking to hard”.


  12. TheDance Says:

    It’s nice how history changes as soon as the broken penis is hers to mend. Neat.

  13. bbb Says:

    trees, there are other fish in the sea. the fish you think you want might be pretty but it stinks; let it go for a fresher one. basically what i’m trying to say is. is that your ex girl fucked ricky powell and this guy and can’t be trusted. she’s a whore. find a better one.

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