PICS: JTTS Presents: Fresh Produce w/ Jeru The Damaja

Easily one of the nicest guys in hip hop. Jeru was polite, poetic, and overall a gentleman. Not only did he rock the capacity plus GoodLife that night, but he also personally called a distraught Sleezy Trees in the morning to not only thank me for the hospitality from the night before, but to also offer a second chance to sign a vinyl record his new boss had given me to get signed. I drove to the airport, and sure enough, he was there waiting to sign it before his flight to NYC took off.

We have a few photos from an unofficial camera that was present (shouts to Crec The Herbal Specialist). A Fresh Produce for the history books! Thanks Jeru!

2 Responses to “PICS: JTTS Presents: Fresh Produce w/ Jeru The Damaja”

  1. Chris Faraone Says:

    That’s a classic shot of Jeru, Slaine, and Knife. The hype man is the devil.

  2. knife Says:

    “McStab” according to jeru. damn man that was a fun night and jeru was one of the best people we ever dealt with. I think we’re gonna bring him back out when his sneaker drops. farmers hide your dauthers hahaha!

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