Proposal for “Notorious” Moratorium

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

This will be a quick post. I just wanted to say – on behalf of everyone who can’t stand hip-hop being co-opted and abused by and in mainstream culture – that I’m tired of the media and everybody else just throwing anything with three initials after the word “notorious:” “The Notorious A.I.G.,” “The Notorious G.O.P.,” and so on. Jon Stewart is cool, but the rest of you herbs need to stop immediately.

MC Exposition “Used to be a B-Boy”

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009


Sorry for the wait people. I’ve been sitting on this banging new MC Exposition cut for a week now, and it’s about to pop (the joint is called “I Used to be a B-Boy,” and it’s produced by the almighty D Boyz). For those who don’t know, Expo is the exalted front man of the organic Long Beach-via-Boston hip-hop outfit Audible Mainframe. He’s composed, poignant, and, most importantly, a better live performer than all you internet MCs combined. Pay attention, and keep an ear out for his upcoming third solo disc.

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LISTEN: MC Exposition – I Used to be a B-Boy

Term To Pay Dilla Homage In Boston

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Extraordinarily missed Detroit beat stylist J Dilla (a/k/a Jay Dee) was righteously benevolent. In interviews, he rarely trashed major labels that shelved his gems for lacking so-called mainstream appeal. As a rapper — even when he popped shit — it was in a joking manner. And as a producer, he used his skills and his reputation to nurture rising talents rather than to half-bake records for the daughters of pro wrestlers and heavy-metal icons.

So though many of his devout homeboys and legionnaires may resent the relentless shout-outs and merchandising that bear his name, it’s unlikely that Dilla — who died three years ago in February — would be much bothered (except, maybe, by that godawful commemorative wristwatch). Instead, he would probably embrace new devotees like Termanology, who, as they say in hip-hop, is a motherfucking beast, and, more important, recently dropped If Heaven Was a Mile Away — a mixtape featuring his smooth Latino venom injected into a smorgasbord of rare Dilla feats and fan favorites.

“I didn’t really understand his importance until he died,” e-mails Term, whose phone wasn’t working from Slovenia, where he was on tour this past week with Big Shug and Dilla’s former group, Slum Village. “I knew Dilla more from his newer work with Busta Rhymes and Common, but seeing that he did all those early A Tribe Called Quest beats, I guess I was a fan before I even knew it.”

Jay Dee’s initial big body of commercial work — which included Tribe’s “1nce Again” and “Runnin’ ” by the Pharcyde (Term’s favorite) — dropped before pedestrians cared about who produced tracks. He was an industry favorite, but casual rap fiends didn’t establish a first-name relationship till Dilla released Champion Sound with Madlib in 2003. (“The Red,” by the way, might be the tightest rap beat ever spun.)

For Heaven, whose release Term celebrates at the Middle East this Saturday, the razor-tongued Lawrence-bred MC meticulously chose 17 beats to stomp on. Not all Dilla cuts are wax-able — what with the smack-tastic cross-rhythms, the piercing synth, and bass lines that rattle car alarms for miles, some were just meant to ride without lyrics, as on his four posthumous instrumental projects.

“I would never rhyme on half of the beats on Donuts,” Term writes, referring to the remarkable 2006 snippet farm that gave outsiders their first glance into the elusive Dilla cassette reels that got passed among rappers in the beat market. On “Say It,” which floats on a jingly and whimsical stroke of Oriental genius from Dilla’s “Jay Love Japan,” Term enlists Saigon, Freeway, Bun B, Sheek Louch, and Joell Ortiz. And though it’s exciting enough to see such a diverse cross-coastal mix of explosive outlaws congregating in the name of rap’s most subtle wizard, it’s also a testament to how Dilla’s music — though often artificially overstated by whiteboys with Slum Village stickers on their snowboards — transcends the stylistic partitions that have grown only taller and wider since his passing.

So far, Term has served about 50,000 free downloads of his Dilla tribute — which is just one of nearly a dozen projects that he’s split domes with this past year. If you haven’t ripped one for yourself yet, be sure not only to do so but also to turn your volume knob clockwise. After all, in the words of Madlib and Dilla: “You must be out of your head if your system ain’t up to the red.”



TERMANOLOGY + ST DA SQUAD + STATIK SELEKTAH + DJ DEADEYE + SINGAPORE KANE + COMMON GROUND | Middle East downstairs | April 11 @ 9 pm | $12 | 617.864.EAST or

Yo Momma So Old She Blew Lincoln

Monday, March 30th, 2009


Great lovers of sophisticated art that all JumpTheTurnStyle readers are known to be, I thought you might be fascinated by the work of Justine Lai (shown above boning James Buchanan), who has painted pictures of herself fucking all the former presidents of the United States of America. Coming soon…oils on canvas of Trees eating out famous female heads of state.


100 Unsexiest Men on the Planet

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Although Trees lectured me last night about driving mad traffic away from JumTheTurnStyle and into the arms of my other on line residence,, I have a worthy detour for you fuckers that I can’t pass up on. Every year we go to excrutiating lengths to compile a list of the unsexiest men on the planet (don’t worry hip-hop homophobes, it’s a totally no-homo exercise).

Hip-hop related heads that made the list – which considers misbehavior as unsexy as man boobs – include such notables as Rick Ross, Common, Lil Wayne, and, of course, shithead Kanye West. Other award recipients include Chris Brown, Rush Limbaugh, and that asshole Billy Mays who sells things like Oxi Clean on television. I tried that shit, and I still have a $500-a-day habit.


Johnny Too Blazed To Pay His Taxes

Friday, March 27th, 2009

According to the New York Daily News – and I see no reason why this wouldn’t be true – Method Man was too stoned to pay his taxes. For seven years. Whether he’s full of shit or not, this is just a hands-down fantastic story.

From the NY Daily News:

Method Man was going to pay his bills … but then he got high.

Despite recent reports that the rapper is so broke that his 2008 Lincoln Navigator was repossessed to pay back taxes, Method Man — whose real name is Clifford Smith — insists his cash flow is just fine. In fact, he says, his penchant for marijuana is to blame for the mishap. READ THE WHOLE THING HERE…

Spring Hip-Hop Disc Preview: You Can Remove Your Ear Condoms Now

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Can’t wait for the moans and screams that this one encourages. Nonetheless…

Between the packages that turn up on my Jamaica Plain doorstep and the envelopes that stuff my Phoenix mailbox, I have enough music to start a mixtape spot in Downtown Crossing. I try to entertain every effort — I’d even contend that no rap critic in America listens to more albums than I do (added for JTTS: or at least I did until cats stopped sending out hard copies) — but it’s impossible to keep my ears pressed against the entire hip-hop spectrum, and I can hardly click a keyboard every time a track excites me. So this super-duper on-line exclusive is a rad opportunity for me to glorify a long list of expected heaters (and to bring back the word “rad”). As I always caution when I sift through and evaluate hundreds of CDs so you don’t have to: please don’t complain about “the state of rap music” until you’ve quit that childish Lil’ Wayne habit and downloaded every album I recommend here. Why don’t you start with the new DOOM masterpiece, Born like This (out March 31 on Lex)?



New Brother Ali Disc = Approved Like a Mu’fucka

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

My“greatest rapper” list reads differently from most. Ghostface Killah resides at the zenith, beside Rakim’s throne, and Minneapolis truth agent Brother Ali — who recently toured with those two Gods, and whose The Truth Is Here is his second perfect disc in that many years — just earned a spot in my Top Five Alive column. Ali’s 2007 divine rap masterpiece, The Undisputed Truth, was a theme album of sorts, taking us through the honest but bittersweet tribulations of an adopted albino MC whose positivity and talent carried him from poverty to proud working-class bliss.



Canibus Mathematics for Real Rap Nerds

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Here’s the deal: the Canibus article that I posted the other day was supposed to be a full Boston Phoenix feature, which means that it would have run on an entire page, and even included a side bar. Those plans, however, were crushed when homeboy neglected to call me for an interview. Still, the side bar was written; and since we never got to use it for the paper, I’m dropping it here as an exclusive (sorry if you feel like the girl I spilled my semen in because nobody else would bend over, but that’s just how it is). Enjoy it; even if you’re one of those fare weather ‘Bus fans who hasn’t dug this dude for a decade, you’re especially sure to laugh at this one…

While Canibus might be hip-hop’s best-read and most-intriguing savant, his milestones sometimes come at the mercy of conventional mathematics. Unlike rappers whose arithmetical knowledge ends with how many grams are in an ounce, Canibus subscribes to abstract and sophisticated codes and theories. Sometimes his numeric endeavors are more driven by creative license than by legitimate solutions; in the song “How Come,” off the Bulworth soundtrack, for example, he predicted that in 2000 “a space probe called Galileo will welcome us all to Channel Zero.” But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun for rap nerds to identify kooky calculations in scientific Canibus equations.

On his debut Cluemanatti freestyle, Canibus distorts traditional ranking continuums to perform the most natural MC function and declare absolute superiority: “You’re number one and I’m negative two / Basically nigga that means I’m still better than you / Basic mathematics the verbal mechanics of rhyming / Behold – I crush a piece of coal and create a diamond.”

In 1998, Canibus was the most sought rapper to appear on major projects, and one place he landed was on “Desperados,” off the Dr. Dre-produced The Firm project with Nas, AZ, Foxy Brown, and Nature. In his opening line, the then-neophyte boldly declares: “At 1,000 degrees Celsius I make MCs melt / Fuck a record label I appear courtesy of myself.” That line is still scorching.

Establishing himself as the genre’s leading mathematician, on his self-titled debut disc Canibus introduced his own trigonometric system, “Nigganometry,” which inspired several hypotheses including: “If you remove every living animal out of the sea / Then wouldn’t the world’s ocean water level decrease / This means the planet wasn’t three-quarters water.”

When he returned with 2000 B.C. (in 2000 A.D.), Canibus swung hard on the album-titled intro, telling fans to re-invest since he showed Wyclef the door: “This time for 99 I got five on it / You should double up and put a dime on it / Matter of fact triple your nickel and put $14.99 on it…I’m a live poet with a sharp ear and eye for it / Because I tear down mics and put an out of order sign on it.”

Since Canibus was drunk on David Hume and a host of other supervenient thinkers when he wrote the Stoupe-produced disc Rip the Jacker, fans were caught club-footed by theories like this one off “Levitibus”: “To create a universe all I need / Is one-thousand, trillion, trillion degrees / Twenty-two betatrons and a cloud chamber / Keep the noise down so I don’t arouse my neighbors.” What a gentleman.

Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Here Is What The Television Thinks

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009


Was MF DOOM’s Decision To Vote For John McCain Just Part Of His “Supervillain” Image

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

“No doubt,” says the father and admitted McCain voter. “If something ends, then something’s gonna start. So it’s like, what side are you on? Do you feel like your world is ending? Or do you feel like, ‘Wow, it seems like that’s ending and it’s the start of something new.’”

Yup. MF DOOM cast a ballot for McCain / Palin in the last election. How does that make you feel? Can you listen to his music still knowing he didn’t support supreme overlord Obama? Does this make him more of villain? And if DOOM rapes a child, will that make his “character” that much more real? If DOOM ran a $150B ponzi scheme, would you still knock Born Like This? Would you make excuses for his actions.. like you all did when he robbed hard earned money from his fans?

Interview: Killa in ESPN The Magazine

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Not strange to see rappers talking about sports, but sorta unusual to see the Disney-owned ESPN talking to Killa Cam a/k/a Omar Swanson. Do you think this interviewer has seen Killa Season or heard “Suck It or Not”? Anyway, check it out here. Cam talks about his aborted basketball career, playing with Stephon Marbury and Pastor Ma$e, and how he was a “Top 25” recruit in the 1994 class. You could make an ill squad from ballers-turned-rappers: Cam, Ma$e, The Game, Master P…Shaq of course.

Ma$e’s face in the huddle at 0:44…the moment he was touched by GOD.


P.S. The “Omar Swanson” alias is one of several Cam claims to use on the song “The Bigger Picture” from Diplomatic Immunity 21000 JTTS Swag (TM) points to whoever can name the rest of ’em.

Audio: Wale x Lady Gaga – “Chillin'”

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Wale decides to hook up with Ms. Poker Face and Cool & Dre for his first single off Attention Deficit. After a couple listens, it’s catchy but at the same time not especially memorable, especially considering I’m a fan of Wale and expect him to do well with his debut album. He puts in more work than your average MC does on their lead single (backhanded praise to be sure), but this song doesn’t justify all the hype he’s been receiving. I was expecting something a little bit more creative, but this feels like playing it too safe. And why get Lady Gaga on the track if you’re just going to ask her to be M.I.A.? I chalk this one up as could-have-been-good…what do y’all think? Will Wale’s album be any good? And is there any A, B or C-list celebrity who hasn’t been photographed next to Lindsay Lohan doing that same shitfaced pose? If we offer her soft AND hard white plus a bucket to vomit in will she come to the next JTTS sponsored event?

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DOWNLOAD: Wale x Lady Gaga – Chillin (Prod. by Cool & Dre)

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