Y’all Don’t Want It

ED REED y’all.

Bart Scott, after the Ravens victory sent the team into the playoffs and the Patriots home for the winter:
“Screw the Patriots, basically. I mean, I don’t care. No one feels sorry for us. Yeah, they lost their quarterback, but last year so did we. No only did we lose our quarterback, but we lost a lot of people and teams didn’t feel sorry for us. They just tried to pour it on.

“I think we went into the year [thinking] this is payback for everyone trying to kick us while we’re down. This year we’re trying to kick everyone while they’re down.”


One Response to “Y’all Don’t Want It”

  1. Sleezy Trees Says:

    oh yeah.. the ravens.

    the fucking ravens.

    theres no way we’re going to see a rematch this year in the superbowl..

    at least i hope not.

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