Audio: Skillz ’08 Rap-Up

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008


it’s that time of year. Skillz ’08 rap-up..


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DOWNLOAD: Skillz – ’08 Rap-Up

In Honor Of New Years.. Who Popped Champagne Bottles Harder?

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

a topic of hot discussion @ my residence in Jamaica Plain..

2007 had Baby & Weezy Poppin’ Bottles.. (Shittin in a cell, to Shittin on a jet..)


and 2008 had Jimmy and Ronnie Poppin’ Champagne.. (please note the heavily suspect aspect of dudes pouring champagne on each other before you make your decision).


choices choices.. happy new yurrrs..

Lil’ Wayne Falling On Stage

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Nothing better than watching people fall.


Audio: Termanology x J Dilla x Joell Ortiz x Sheek Louch x Bun B x Saigon x Freeway- “Say It”

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008


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DOWNLOADTermanology f/ Joell Ortiz, Sheek Louch, Saigon, Bun B and Freeway- Say It (produced by J Dilla)

WOW. Termanology’s Dilla tribute is shaping up to be a megaton bomb–in the good sense. Not the most typical cats you would think of rhyming over a Dilla track, but if this shit doesn’t bump I don’t know what does. Nice to hear my boy Joell Ortiz spitting flames, but everyone brings it here.



From If Heaven Was A Mile Away: A Tribute to J Dilla, dropping on 1/1 at for the sweet price of FREE 99.

R.I.P. UGHH News Section 2004-2009

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Damn. I put a lot of work into this section of UGHH over the years.. as did a lot of people.

I had dreams that it would eventually rival sites like AllHipHop, HipHopDX, and SOHH.. but for underground heads.

Started in 2004 by DJ Food Stamp, the UGHH News section staked claim to many a distinguished scribe. From Van $tylez, to my trusted staff of Mark DiSalvo ( and the Lolly, to JumpTheTurnstyle’s very own Marty Caballero, plus many others.

I had dreams of Permalinked articles, News Search, Highlighted Stories, Related Stories, Reader Comments, and even a more prominent feature on a redesigned UGHH homepage. None of this ever materialized and it’s a shame.

On the positive side of things, it looks like they are keeping the news archive, just no longer updating it..

Oh well, pour some liquor for UGHH News tonight.

The Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2008… Because Chris Faraone Says So

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

For me, dropping an annual best discs list is like stripping myself naked and moseying through paintball warfare. There are lots of snipers on the prowl who are eager to dent my dome, and this gives them a ripe opportunity to blast me silly.

Yet I’m here anyway – unbound from any and all generic “Top 10” constraints – offering my favorite twenty-or-so albums of 2008 (in alphabetical order). By rough estimate I checked anywhere from 200 to 250 projects this year, and, unlike cats who obsess over the depraved hip-hop landscape, I have tons to talk about.

Lastly, before we get to the action, I want all you assholes to know that I welcome harsh scrutiny; go ahead and write comments like, “Obviously you didn’t hear the Santogold disc fuckface!” I encourage jib-jab, and, who knows, maybe one of you motherless scoundrels will remind me of a gem I overlooked. You won’t, however, change my mind about the crop of gold that marinated on my hard drive and in my deck over the past twelve months. Happy new year you filthy animals.




Top 8 Blog Rap Superstars of 2008

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008


You’ve seen them in your RSS readers all year long. You’ve heard them on, MySpace, imeem, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Some owe their entire careers solely to the “blogosphere”.  Yes, without the blogs and the right internet marketing schemes playing A&R behind their trendy tech-savvy rear-ends they would more than likely still be lurking message boards and sending “please listen to my demo” .mp3 emails into KOCH records. They got this shit mastered. Take a cue.



How To Throw A Wicked Pisser Goodbye Bush/HellObama Bash

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008


Just because you puked a lung on New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean you can’t plan another five-alarm rager this month. George Walker Bush is vacating the Oval Office and President-elect Barack Obama is moving in, to face the futile mission of trying to reassemble Humpty Dumpty. With any luck, this kind of watershed moment happens only once, so no matter your political perspective — whether you’re making a collage of recent Nation covers as you wave goodbye to Bush and welcome the first potentially post-baloney president, or if you’re a stubborn right-winger tearfully gripping your soon-to-be-commandeered trust fund — there are plenty of reasons to fill your hot tub with Asti, your bong with newly decriminalized marijuana, and to call in nauseous on January 20, Obama’s first day. Here go our party tips — blue for Democrats and red for Republicans. READ THE WHOLE THING HERE…

2009 Hov = “Imaginary Player”??

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Jay-Z’s J Hotel Construction Halted Due to Recession

That’s one of $4 billion worth of construction projects which are being shelved because of the recession. The top floor JTTS office with rooftop basketball court and pool in downtown Manhattan will be coming later than expected.

No but really, shit is scary. The richest dude in hip-hop can’t get a damn loan. 

Top 5 Chris Faraone Hipster Disses Of 2008

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

JumpTheTurnstyle’s Chris Faraone did not favor hipster shit in the 2K8 era. I’ve compiled what I believe are his TOP 5 best hipster hating moments from the past 6 months (how old the blog is).

We can only hope that 2009 offers Faraone a whole new crop of hipster rappers to slam and hate on incessantly. lesss gooo….

5. Chris Faraone’s Review Of Kid Sister’s Dream Date:

featuring the classic quote:

it’s just not possible for her to cut a better album than David Byrne or Count Bass D.

4.  Mostly Digging That 88-Keys Album

here we were treated with the gem:

I’m coming around kids. Next thing you know I might get some neon gear and go dancing. Or it that whole thing already over?

3. Switch & Sinden vs. Clinton Sparks?

uh oh.. Fara1 going that extra step to start a beef between Clinton Sparks & Switch & Sinden.. lol

Now say what you want about Clinton Sparks, but the man is in the spotlight. Claiming that you didn’t know about his catch phrase is like saying that you didn’t know that kid from Who’s The Boss was gay.

2. Has Hipster Rap Gone Mainstream?

eeeshh.. this was the post that started the hardened and infamous jumptheturnstyle “hipster rap wars“. The comments section had Faraone coining the now infamous term: “hipster overdrive”, as well as dropping this little gemstar right here:

But what’s hilarious is how neither you or any of these other knuckleheads acknowledge how shamelessly materialistic and childish all this hipster nonsense is. The music – for the most part – while infectious at times – is not memorable. Don’t even front like you listen to this shit on long road trips. This is dance music. And I don’t dance, sucka.

1. Ratatat On Tour

The comments section provided a straight, yet distinct shot at the hipster scene from the mind of Young Fara1.

I have a good glowstick connection in Chinatown.lulz.

Y’all Don’t Want It

Monday, December 29th, 2008

ED REED y’all.

Bart Scott, after the Ravens victory sent the team into the playoffs and the Patriots home for the winter:
“Screw the Patriots, basically. I mean, I don’t care. No one feels sorry for us. Yeah, they lost their quarterback, but last year so did we. No only did we lose our quarterback, but we lost a lot of people and teams didn’t feel sorry for us. They just tried to pour it on.

“I think we went into the year [thinking] this is payback for everyone trying to kick us while we’re down. This year we’re trying to kick everyone while they’re down.”


Oh.. and.. Before I Forget..

Monday, December 29th, 2008





Holiday Seasoned Sleezy Realizations

Monday, December 29th, 2008

How do you know when you’ve hit rock bottom?

Today while I was picking up the pieces that is the current state of my life, I began to question whether or not I have ever in my existence actually hit “rock bottom”- this vague and absolute lowest state of personal-experience. These thoughts came to me as I handed the bank teller my 10th consecutive unemployment check along with a personal check from my grandparents for $50– a handout which I accepted without remorse and had the words “For Food” written in my grandmothers handwriting on the memo line. ‘How did it get this bad?’, I wondered.

While choking down the remnants of a pre-christmas, half finished & room temperature silver bullet I started to look at my finances. Christmas fucked me.

If anyone reading this was raised Irish-Catholic you unfortunately know that guilt lingers deep within your core long after you’ve abandoned most of the basic moral guidelines the church instilled in you over the years. Yes, while you can wash away the easy ones like lying, stealing, and adulterous behavior, guilt is not so easily ignored like the others are by committing acts of instant self-gratification. You can’t cheat guilt.

I deal with my fuck ups by over-compensating where I can. Christmas is one of those times where in lieu of a church confessional, counseling, or standard human conversation with the people I feel guilt for (or with), I make amends by swiping my slice of the American dream at the register and move on without a second thought. And while even though I can’t afford the shit I buy and I possess this knowledge at the time of purchase, I deal with the repercussions of such decisions when they come.

After 3 weeks of a steady negative balance in my checking account I realized today, that time has come.

I decided to Google “rock bottom” to see what it looked like. What does the internet tell me that “rock bottom” actually is? Is being broke and speeding down the express road to a failed personal relationship a one way ticket to this place? It sure felt like I hit it three years ago as my last long term relationship failed  in an ironic and ugly similar previous situation with financial ruin as the backdrop.

The Googling turned up the following disturbing image:

The portrait of rock bottom. This image was taken from a New York Times online teaser for “Rock Bottom: Gay Men & Meth”, a 2007 documentary about, well, gay men using crystal meth. Curious (no homo), I opened the article and read a little bit about this epidemic.

And… well… There really isn’t any reason to get into the graphic nature of what exactly this “scene” is all about, but let me tell you after reading the abstract, a little holiday debt didn’t seem anywhere near to what rock bottom is to some dudes out there. Holy shit.

So here I sit, fattened on holiday meats and cheeses from family parties and I realize; shit man.. life isn’t so bad, yet. And yeah, rock bottom may be sitting on the edge of it’s van, lurking and watching me. Maybe rock bottom will even attempt to lure me in with promises of video games and comic books, only to have me awakened, surrounded by crystal meth addicts, a raw asshole, and sulking goatee’d Texas football fans. But until that day comes (episode #71 of the S.H.I.T. Show), I’ll stand-fast knowing that I don’t have it as bad as some and I should stop feeling sorry for myself. To paraphrase Artie Lange; Waaahhh I don’t have a basic understanding of personal finance and spent too much money on Christmas gifts and now I’m depressed because I have no money for booze – Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!