New Audible Mainframe Page and Tracks

Life has been tough since Audible Mainframe left Boston for the better pussy pastures known as Long Beach. Not for them – shit – dudes have been rocking mad gigs and bagging bitches a la groceries. Nah – it’s sucked for us left back here in the land of pale broads and indie rockers; for those of us who used to check every one of their shows, it was beyond difficult to say goodbye.

Considering that I’ve had this conversation with at least a hundred people who share my sentiments, I’m excited to announce that Audible just re-did its MySpace page, which now features four new tracks. I also just got off the horn with MC Exposition, who promises a new full-length next March. It’s not like having them around full-time, but it will have to do for now. CHECK THE FRESH PAGE AND TRACKS HERE…

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