By Fashion Correspondent DJ Knife

With the unbridled swagger of T-Pain’s Top Hat collection swiftly catching international attention, hat addicts around the world are jumping on the latest craze.

Trendsetters say the Top Hat is no longer for the white-glove-slapping, handlebar-mustached, 19th-century-gentleman. In response, fashion designers from A.J. Wright to Sean John have begun producing the circular headgear in massive quantities.

Surprisingly, the Top Hat craze does not discriminate against race, income level, or genetic make-up.

From Boston:

To Wiscansin:

And from Costa Rica:

To Toronto:

Top Hats are the biggest craze since du-rags in 2002.

To see how this magical moment in fashion history started, peep the following video sprung from the loins of T-Wayne:


  1. Martin Caballero Says:

    Another excellent investigative report. T-Pain looks like he should be asking people to step right up for a carnival freak show.

  2. Sleezy Trees Says:

    i’m gonna bring back the 10 gallon hat.

  3. knife Says:

    damn. i wanted to bring back the 10-gallon hat. fuck it. i’m just gonna bring back the mesh hat again.

  4. ian michael jackson Says:

    i hope this makes it to the next marinate flyer…

  5. knife Says:

    ahhhhhh…marinate unfortunatley died recently before it’s time ian. it’s a shame because I still have a spacesuit in my closet that I never got to use. dead serious / no homo.

  6. dr. Leigh Says:
  7. dr. Leigh Says:

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