Breaking Q-Tip News For Hip-Hop Nerds

So I interviewed Q-Tip for the Boston Phoenix on the phone a few days ago, and some significant, albeit unexpected, things happened. The first was that despite being extremely courteous, The Abstract was unwilling to give answers that eclipsed the ten word threshold. I’m not sure if the dude still smokes, but if he does that might explain the short responses.

The next thing was that he told me that this upcoming Rock the Bells tour is absolutely the last time that you’ll ever see or hear from A Tribe Called Quest again. Yes – this news contradicts what Phife has been saying and what some overzealous rap nerds have been shuffling around the web, but that’s what he said. Take it as you like it.

Finally – and most interestingly – was Tip’s response when I asked him how he felt about the Nas line on “Got Yourself A Gun” when God’s Son says: “My first album had no famous guest appearances.” You might think that since Tip did guest appear on “One Love,” and since he was famous at the time, this would have registered with him. But it didn’t – apparently only geeks like me ever noticed.

“I guess he was talking about someone who spit a verse on there, but that’s funny – I didn’t even realize that,” Tip said. “That’s bugged out – I didn’t even realize that.”

That’s why you come to Jump The TurnStyle – for hip-hop news that even most insiders could give a fuck about. Be sure to check my Phoenix article next week…

4 Responses to “Breaking Q-Tip News For Hip-Hop Nerds”

  1. Trees Says:

    wow. hahah – that sucks about Tribe though, I’m definitely rolling to Rock The Bells now.

  2. marty Says:

    damn homie fell off a long time ago. I used to be a HUGE tip fan (i was fucking hyped for ‘kamaal the abstract’ to drop- HA!) but this interview kinda reflects the vibe I’ve gotten from his recent shit- the passion is gone. If he’s saying this about ATCQ now, I feel like he’ll be more hyped to leave the stage at rock the bells than to get on it.

  3. marty Says:

    oh yea and trees better get your shoe bomber bearded self to that concert and rep for those who can’t !!

  4. Rappers Are Inconsiderate and Lazy | JumpTheTurnstyle Says:

    […] Those of you who read JTTS religiously are aware that I brought it to Tip’s attention that Nas was wrong on “Got Yourself A Gun” when he alleged, “My first album had no famous guest appearances.” […]

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